Various Types of Balloons

1.PTCA Baloon Catheter

Brand Name: ClearLine

  • The ClearLine Balloon Catheter offers a range of ballooning options and features that allow physicians to select the appropriate Balloon catheter based on clinical needs.
  • Revolutionary New Shaft have one of the smallest cross-sectional shaft profile.
  • We have improved kink resistance by 30%. This new shaft have enhanced torque and trackability.
  • Yukon NC Prime is a Non – Compliant Balloon Catheter to track complex anatomies.It has Prime Shaft for kink resistance.
  • Yukon NC Prime has a high working range for post dilatation of stents and also for treating resistant lesions.

2. Yukon NC Prime has the following features which makes it best in class:

  • Rated Burst Pressure of 20 bar

  • Improvised Prime Shaft made up of Nitinol Amalgam which strengthens it for kink resistance

  • Ultra Low Crossing for better crossing and re-crossing

  • HyDrix Technology provides fully hydrophilic coating for optimal lubricity

  • Unique Balloon material ensures Linear Compliance and Controlled Growth