Why Beaty?

  • 88% of cases happen at home

  • Effective bystander CPR can triple the chances of survival

  • 70% may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency

  • Within approximately 4 minutes of cardiac arrest, the damage to the brain is irreversible, This can be prevented by immediate initiation of chest compressions reaching a depth of 5 cm

  • Gauging the exact depth of chest compression is very difficult for professionals and almost impossible for bystanders and lay rescuers

Features and Benefits:

  • Curved silicon pad ergonomic design- fits the palm of the hand for optimal use

  • Affordable- costs what you pay for a few cups of coffee

  • Simple, user friendly, just apply and start compressing

  • Audio feedback enables the user to perform effective chest compressions

  • Small dimension and lightweight designed to fit anywhere within reach

  • Was developed by a team of leading doctors and medical engineers